Saturday, 15 December 2012



Yes it is right, in my limited years of experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry so far, an idea is becoming more and more clear to me.

1. Consumers are always looking for good suppliers (Good products);
    meanwhile manufacturers and suppliers are always looking for Consumers(customers).

2. There are plenty of opportunities in the world for the water and wastewater treatment industry, even more are expected as countries want to improve their environmental standards.

3. Segments in the water and waste water industry having opportunities
     a). Research and Development (R&D)
     b). Designing and Planning
     c). Marketing
     d). Execution
4. MNC’S have started opening of their offices in all major countries and regions.

5. In India, now we can get all brands of Spares like Membranes, pumps, filters and chemicals. Industry is open to all.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ozonator for fruits vegetables cleaning in india

In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on the safety of fruits and vegetables, and in particular on the intervention methods to reduce and eliminate human pathogens from fresh products

Our daily supply of fruit, vegetables, rice, meat and seafood are loaded with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormone residues and other hazardous substances.
Undetectable in the short term, these substances will nonetheless weaken our body in the long term, and the deleterious effects may even be passed down to the next generation. The smell of formaldehyde in a refurbished home, bacterial growth in cutlery, milk bottles, toys, bras and under wears etc.

Traditional technology utilizes water with or without a sanitizing agent to wash fresh fruits and vegetables. Chlorine is the most widely used sanitizing agent available for fresh productions, but it has a limited effect in killing bacteria on fruit and vegetable surfaces. An alternative treatment is being sought to improve food safety.

Latest technology development has gifted us in the name of OZONATOR.

OZONE Natural bactericidal agent, O3 is a potent natural oxidizing agent. It can kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms via oxidation that destroys their membrane structure. Dissolved ozone is even more potent. Water, food and utensils treated with ozone are absolutely devoid of harmful organisms. Its bactericidal power is more superior than other sterilizing agents. 

NEXUS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner, its unique formula and hi-tech production avoid electromagnetic interference to ensure greater product stability and higher ozone output. It removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables, disintegrates hormone residues in meat and seafood, kills bacteria, bleaches and removes stubborn dirt, keeps food fresh, purifies water etc to promote healthy living. It is a useful and versatile item in modern homes and offices.

Functions and Usage:
1. It removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables and hormone residues in meat and seafood.
2. It kills bacteria and keeps food longer
3. It sterilizes cutlery, milk bottles, towels and clothingDirection for use: Just place the items in the water container and ozonize for 10-20 minutes.
4. It strengthens the body
Wash your face, feet with ozonized water or bathe in it to keep away bacteria, viruses and fungi. It will also promote blood circulation and metabolism for better healthcare and skincare.
5. It purifies air
6. Other benefits
It removes unpleasant odours in the fridge.
It sterilizes the aquarium, increases its oxygen content and keeps the fish healthy.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Launched New range of Ozonator for Vegetables, Fruits in Andhra pradesh, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam

Launched New range of Ozonator for Vegetables, Fruits in Andhra pradesh, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam

TESCON AQUA TECH and NEXUS TECHNOLOGIES have launched its new range of Ozonator (Ozone generators) for Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken and Meats purification. These ozonator models are suitable for Kitchen, Hotels, Restaurants etc. 

This is the video uploaded in the youtube explaining how to use veg purifier in Kitchen. Ozone gas removes all pesticides from the vegetables and Fruits. Ozone increases the storage life of foods by oxidizing some chemicals and by neutralizing ammonia and ethylene. Ozone is a safe and natural alternative for protecting perishable foods.

Ozonator is safe enough to protect your family from unwanted germs and bacteria. The reduction and control of pathogen levels is essential on fresh food products like meats, fish, fruits and vegetables from farm to the table. Microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeast, pesticides are oxidized and removed by Nexus Ozonizer, to give good health to your family and to increase shelf life of fruits and vegetables. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

TESCON Ozonators (Ozone Generators) for water, waste water, air treatment


Over the last decade there has been an increasing demand for bottled water and other beverages. Ozone a fast acting and effective treatment technology, ozone is now used in a variety of potable water treatment applications. Ozone treatment is becoming widely used for bottled water industry.

We offer Ozone systems for domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal applications on a consulting and turn key basis. The systems and solutions include for oxidation and disinfection for Aquaculture, Fruit and Vegetable washing & storage, Office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants etc for improved Indoor Air Quality & Energy savings in HVAC systems,

TESCON AQUA TECH, Technology and System Integration Company who has years of experience in the environmental engineering & facilities industry.

We makes use of clean technologies for air, water, waste water, and Agri food industries using air, ozone, carbon, UV and hydrogen peroxide for physical separation, oxidation, advanced oxidation and disinfection processes.

What is Ozone
Ozone is a triatomic allotrope of oxygen formed by recombination of oxygen atoms. It disinfects, oxidizes, deodorizes and decolorizes. Ozone is "active oxygen", nature's special element and a beautiful gift to mankind. It is a colourless gas with characteristic pungent odor and can easily be detected at low level of 0.05 ppm. It is a very strong oxidant and is over 3000 times more powerful disinfectant than chlorine.

Ozone Benefits :
1. Ozone is powerful on bacterial cell walls than chlorine about 51%. It kills bacterial
     3000 times faster than chlorine.   
2. Ozone is the most powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent available.
3. Ozone is the best option in the place of hot water and conventional sanitizer.
4. Ozone produces no toxic by products, it is chemical-free.
5. Ozone reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
6. Ozone  by product is oxygen: it is clean and environment-friendly
7. Ozone is generated on site, eliminating the transporting, storing and handling of
    hazardous materials.
8. Ozone permits recycling of wastewater.
9. Ozone is much safer for employees than conventional chemicals.
10. Ozone extends the shelf life of food products.
11. Low maintenance cost.
12. After ozone oxidizes or disinfects, it decomposes into oxygen
13. Ozone in its gaseous phase is a proven deodorizer for a variety of odorous materials.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Details about seting up a Mineral water plant

Mineral water(packaged drinking water) manuacturing unit by using RO Plant technology supplied by TESCON AQUA TECH near Hyerabad

How much area required to sutup a Mineral water plant?
Minimum area required to setup a mineral water plant is 2500 SFT (Square feets)

What is the budjet required to start a packaged drinking water unit?
Minimum Budjet is Rs.25,00,000=00 Twenty five lakhs

Which Governament body gives the Certificaion to run the mineral water plant?
BIS (Beuro of Indian Standards) gives the ISI Certificate

What technology is used to purify the water?

What is RO Plant?
RO stands for Reverse Osmosis which uses Thin Film Poly Amide Membranes to remove hard salts from the water

note books distribution at govt. primary school, secunderabad by wwwemta

WWWEMTA(Water Waste Water Equipment Manufacturers Traders Association) members distributed note books, bags, pencils and slates to the students on 27th June 2012.

Mr.Giridhar(President), Mr.Bhanuprakash, Mr.Ramu(Vise Presidents), Mr.Balraju Goud(Secretary), Mr.Laxmikanth Reddy(Treasurer) and Mr.Masthan(PRO) and Mr.Sethna were present at the event.

The School Head Master felt happy for the helping the students by suppying note books and bags. And also they said, there are many schools which are in need of note books and bags. And requested wwwemta members to help such schools by supplying note books and bags.