Thursday, 28 June 2012

Details about seting up a Mineral water plant

Mineral water(packaged drinking water) manuacturing unit by using RO Plant technology supplied by TESCON AQUA TECH near Hyerabad

How much area required to sutup a Mineral water plant?
Minimum area required to setup a mineral water plant is 2500 SFT (Square feets)

What is the budjet required to start a packaged drinking water unit?
Minimum Budjet is Rs.25,00,000=00 Twenty five lakhs

Which Governament body gives the Certificaion to run the mineral water plant?
BIS (Beuro of Indian Standards) gives the ISI Certificate

What technology is used to purify the water?

What is RO Plant?
RO stands for Reverse Osmosis which uses Thin Film Poly Amide Membranes to remove hard salts from the water

note books distribution at govt. primary school, secunderabad by wwwemta

WWWEMTA(Water Waste Water Equipment Manufacturers Traders Association) members distributed note books, bags, pencils and slates to the students on 27th June 2012.

Mr.Giridhar(President), Mr.Bhanuprakash, Mr.Ramu(Vise Presidents), Mr.Balraju Goud(Secretary), Mr.Laxmikanth Reddy(Treasurer) and Mr.Masthan(PRO) and Mr.Sethna were present at the event.

The School Head Master felt happy for the helping the students by suppying note books and bags. And also they said, there are many schools which are in need of note books and bags. And requested wwwemta members to help such schools by supplying note books and bags.