Friday, 22 March 2013

World Water Day on March 22 Let's pledge to save water

Let's celebrate World Water Day by reducing water use. March 22 is World Water Day – an opportunity for all people to rededicate themselves to the careful and sustainable management of the planet’s precious and very finite freshwater resources. “Water is the new, blue gold,”  In the last five years, there have been water shortages in almost every part of the country. Often known as the elixier of life water covers two thirds  of earth's surface and constitutes 75% of human body.It is one of natures most significant and precious gifts to mankind without which life on earth would be impossible.

20 simple tips to save water are as follows:

  1. Average 30 liters of water is wasted by a slow dripping tap in 24 hours. So, Stop leakage of water from taps and flushing tanks.
  2. Use minimum amount of water needed for bath, avoid tub bathing.
  3. Don’t waste dirty (used) water . We can use that dirty water to water your plants.
  4. Water your garden during early morning or late evening so as to reduce the evaporation.
  5. Wash vegetables and fruits in Bowl rather than washing them under tap.
  6. Don’t leave the tap open while brushing you teeth or shaving.
  7. Wash clothes only when there is full load.
  8. Consider using a car duster to remove dust instead of pressure hose.
  9. Avoid installation of fountains and other ornamental water features.
  10. Prefer broom instead of sprinklers to clean your sidewalks and streets.
  11. Don’t flush the toilet unnecessarily and use toilet paper as much as possible.
  12. Try to cover your swimming pool when not in use to reduce evaporation.
  13. Upgrade older toilets with water efficient models.
  14. Try to use Commercial car wash service which recycle water.
  15. Promote the conservation of water with posters and media.
  16. Use Dip irrigation method for irrigation purposes.
  17. Install a rain sensor system on irrigation to save water while its raining.
  18. Teach your children to turn off your faucets tightly after each use.
  19. Implement rainwater harvesting systems to collect rain water and use it in future.
  20. Choose shrubs and ground covers instead of turf for hard-to-water areas such as steep slopes and isolated strips.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Diary Release of WWWEMTA-Water Waste Water Equipment Manufacturers and Traders Association in Hyderabad, INDIA.

WWWEMTA-Water Waste Water Equipment Manufacturers and Traders Association has released its 2013 diary on 26th December 2012 at Hotel Golden Park, Secunderabad. More than 140 people from the industry attended the event, and made it grand success. Existing managing committee organized it in a big way.

Mr.Giridhar                          - President
Mr.Balaraju Goud               - Secretory
Mr.Bhanuprakash              - Vice President
Mr.Ramu Yadav                 - Vice President
Mr.G.Laxmikanth Reddy - Treasurer
Mr.Naveen Kumar             - Joint Secretary
Mr.Shaik Mastan Saheb    - PRO

Also Mr.Sethana, Mr.Shankar Rao and Mr.Bhaskara Rao attended the event.

In the event WWWEMTA has felicitated Mr.Bhaskara Rao, Owner of Godavari Fluid Systems for his services and support for the industry in his life. Mr. Bhaskar Rao in his speech suggested upcoming entrepreneur to maintain quality in products to grow the industry. Also he said quality was the secret of his success.

Mr.Giridhar, President WWWEMTA presented flower bokay to Mr.Bhaskara Rao. Mr.Balaraju, Secretary presented him a shoal,  Past president and Past Secretory of WWWEMTA Mr.Sethna and Mr.Bhaskar were also present at the event. Mr.Sethna explained about the Association and its importance, to the members. Memento presented to the winners of Sports meet conducted in March 2012. Mr.Bhanuprakash received winners trophy in Chess, Mr.Naveen received winner’s trophy in Caroms and Mr.Mallesh yadav team received the winner’s trophy in Cricket.

Also distributed the certificates to the people who newly joined to the association.

Companies from the industry installed their stalls at the association and displayed their products.