Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ozonator for fruits vegetables cleaning in india

In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on the safety of fruits and vegetables, and in particular on the intervention methods to reduce and eliminate human pathogens from fresh products

Our daily supply of fruit, vegetables, rice, meat and seafood are loaded with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormone residues and other hazardous substances.
Undetectable in the short term, these substances will nonetheless weaken our body in the long term, and the deleterious effects may even be passed down to the next generation. The smell of formaldehyde in a refurbished home, bacterial growth in cutlery, milk bottles, toys, bras and under wears etc.

Traditional technology utilizes water with or without a sanitizing agent to wash fresh fruits and vegetables. Chlorine is the most widely used sanitizing agent available for fresh productions, but it has a limited effect in killing bacteria on fruit and vegetable surfaces. An alternative treatment is being sought to improve food safety.

Latest technology development has gifted us in the name of OZONATOR.

OZONE Natural bactericidal agent, O3 is a potent natural oxidizing agent. It can kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms via oxidation that destroys their membrane structure. Dissolved ozone is even more potent. Water, food and utensils treated with ozone are absolutely devoid of harmful organisms. Its bactericidal power is more superior than other sterilizing agents. 

NEXUS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner, its unique formula and hi-tech production avoid electromagnetic interference to ensure greater product stability and higher ozone output. It removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables, disintegrates hormone residues in meat and seafood, kills bacteria, bleaches and removes stubborn dirt, keeps food fresh, purifies water etc to promote healthy living. It is a useful and versatile item in modern homes and offices.

Functions and Usage:
1. It removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables and hormone residues in meat and seafood.
2. It kills bacteria and keeps food longer
3. It sterilizes cutlery, milk bottles, towels and clothingDirection for use: Just place the items in the water container and ozonize for 10-20 minutes.
4. It strengthens the body
Wash your face, feet with ozonized water or bathe in it to keep away bacteria, viruses and fungi. It will also promote blood circulation and metabolism for better healthcare and skincare.
5. It purifies air
6. Other benefits
It removes unpleasant odours in the fridge.
It sterilizes the aquarium, increases its oxygen content and keeps the fish healthy.


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